The Association of Mathematics Education Teachers (AMET) supports and represents the interests of all those engaged in mathematics education in higher education institutions or in partnership with higher education institutions.


The Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) is a subject association established to encourage the development of mathematics education such that it is more closely related to the needs of the learner.



The British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM) exists to promote research into the history of mathematics and its use at all levels of mathematics education.


The British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM) is a national organisation for people interested in research in mathematics education. It is a major forum for sharing research in mathematics education in the United Kingdom. It provides a supportive environment for both new and experienced researchers to develop their ideas.


The Edinburgh Mathematical Society (EMS) is the principal mathematical society for the university community in Scotland. The aims of the EMS are the promotion and extension of the Mathematical Sciences, pure and applied, particularly in Scotland


The Joint Mathematical Council of the UK (JMC) provides co-ordination between the Constituent Societies and generally promotes the advancement of mathematics and the improvement of the teaching of mathematics.


The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is the UK's learned and professional society for mathematics and its applications. The IMA exists to support the advancement of mathematical knowledge and its applications and to promote and enhance mathematical culture in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, for the public good.


The London Mathematical Society (LMS) for the advancement, dissemination and promotion of mathematics in the UK and worldwide.


The Mathematical Association (MA) exists to support and enhance Mathematics and the teaching and learning of Mathematics and its applications, and to provide opportunities for collaboration and communication between teachers and students of mathematics.


The National Association of Mathematics Advisers (NAMA) is a UK based professional association open to all seeking to improve mathematics education beyond their own organisation and includes adviser, consultants, lectureres, researchers and inspectors.


NRICH aims to enrich the experience of the mathematics curriculum for all learners, offer challenging and engaging activities, develop mathematical thinking and problem-solving skills,show rich mathematics in meaningful contexts and work in partnership with teachers, schools and other educational settings.


The Royal Statistical Society (RSS) is the UK's professional and learned society devoted to the interests of statistics and statisticians.