Website Resources for Advanced Level Mathematics


RIch Starting Points for A Level Mathematics (RISPs) contains 40 open-ended investigations for A Level Pure Mathematics.


Plus Magazine (formerly the Publc Awareness and Schools Support for Mathematics) is full of articles, puzzles, posters and reviews and is a joint venture of Cambridge and Keele Universities.


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Statistics and Data Sources

Case Studies contains links to nine studies and their results.


Data and Story Library or DASL (pronounced "dazzle") is an online library of datafiles and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods.


Math Forum Data Collections is an ongoing data-sharing project.


National Numeracy Network of the USA contains modules which offer ways of teaching quantitative reasoning and examples of their use.


Office of National Statistics is a very useful site for all data which is collected by the UK government. Its most popular page is baby names!


UK National Lottery Winning Numbers can generate more than ¼ million pages of data based on the UK lottery since it began.


World Bank Statistics is very useful for data on more than 200 countries and economies.

Software to Download

Autograph is ideal for graphing and geometry (2D and 3D), statistics and probability. Download a free 30 day trial.


ESBStats aims at providing Statistical Analysis to everyone.


EZMath is an editor for writing mathematical web pages.


GeoGebra is free and is an interactive geometry, algebra and spreadsheet program.


Geometer’s Sketchpad is the world’s leading software for teaching mathematics.


Graphmatica is a powerful, easy to use, equation plotter with numerical and calculus features.


Java Sketch Pad is software that lets you interact with or publish sketches from The Geometer's Sketchpad (see above) on the Internet.


Logo for Windows is a basic, easy to use version of Logo.


Power Analysis And Sample Size software (PASS) is powerful for number crunching. Download a free 7 day trial.


Tarsia makes it easy to create your own mathematical learning activities. With this software you will easily be able to create, print out, save and exchange customised jigsaws, domino activities and a variety of rectangular card sort activities. The activities created using this software can be presented in printable form, ready to cut out.