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New Chartered Mathematics Teacher - Noreen Rahman


NANAMIC member Noreen Rahman graduated from City University with an Honours degree in BSc Mathematics and Finance. She has a PGCE and MA in Mathematics Education from UCL Institute of Education, London.


Noreen writes: “I decided to forego a career in finance in order to give back to my community and share my passion for mathematics with the next generation. I take my career as a mathematics teacher extremely seriously, such that I studied for an MA in mathematics education in order to deepen my pedagogical understanding and thus to maximise my students’ learning in the classroom.  I came across the Chartered Mathematics Teacher designation through an article in the Guardian newspaper. I felt the essence of the CMathTeach designation perfectly reflected my passion for mathematics and for this career. It provides a deserved recognition for those teachers who truly persevere to be the highest calibre mathematics teachers working tirelessly to continuously develop for their profession, and to instil passion of mathematics in students not just in the classroom but one that lasts for their lifetime. I feel truly privileged to bear the designation of CMathTeach after my name."

The wait is over for mathematics teachers…


…the Chartered Mathematics Teacher Designation is now available!


On behalf of the Chartered Mathematics Teacher Registration Authority, the National Association for Numeracy and Mathematics in Colleges (NANAMIC) is delighted to announce that the Chartered Mathematics Teacher (CMathTeach) designation is now available.


The CMathTeach designation reflects the balance between teaching skills (pedagogy) and mathematics knowledge necessary for a professional teacher to educate and inspire today’s students. It will also identify those at the forefront of their profession and benchmark them at the same level as a Chartered Mathematician, Chartered Engineer, and Chartered Science Teacher etc.


To be eligible to apply for the CMathTeach designation, individuals must;

  • Be a member of either NANAMIC or one of the other Organisations involved;
  • Demonstrate how they meet the competency based requirements, based on the majority of the Post Threshold Professional Standards for Teachers, for;

Pedagogy – a Masters-level qualification in pedagogy/education (equivalence route available);


Mathematics - an honours degree in which there is a minimum of 50% of the course in mathematics (equivalence route available);


Experience - at least four years experience of teaching mathematics following QTS, QTLS or equivalent, of which at least two are at an appropriate level of responsibility; and,


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – individuals must make a commitment to a regular programme of CPD throughout their career.


In addition to the above, all applicants must agree to abide by the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct for Chartered Mathematics Teachers.


There are many excellent mathematics teachers worthy of the CMathTeach designation, who may not have a Masters-level qualification in pedagogy/education and/or a first degree in mathematics. For such individuals equivalence routes are available for these requirements, so please check these before thinking that you do not meet the criteria.


Interested? Visit the CMathTeach web pages for more information on the designation, the equivalence routes, application forms and details on how to apply,

Already hold CMathTeach through NANAMIC? Pay the additional fee via Paypal. 

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