Conferences 2017

Below you can find some of the PowerPoints and other resources which were shared at our conferences. Others will be added as they are received.

Sublime Symmetry
A teachers' resource for teaching mathematics through symmetry, as recommended by Amber KHOKHAR.
Sublime Symmetry.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]

Link to Amber's website


Link to Citizen Maths website

Preparing to deliver the new GCSE Maths
GCSE 9-1: What do we have to do differently?
Preparing to deliver GCSE maths NANAMIC [...]
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What are Maths Hubs and how can I get involved?
London presentation
Maths Hub (London).pdf
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York presentation
Maths Hub (York).pdf
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Find you local Maths Hub

What can the Education and Training Foundation offer me?
London presentation
ETF June 2017 Maths -Nanamic.pdf
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CPD links
ETF Maths and English Pipeline CPD offer[...]
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Core Mathematics
What about Core maths? Is it for me?
Core Mathematics.pdf
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Improving learning in mathematics - revisiting the Standards Unit box
This session is for teachers who have never heard of this excellent resource, mostly aimed at GCSE Maths re-sit teaching, and for teachers who would like a refresher on its contents. It is offered in memory of its author Malcolm Swan who died earlier this year.
Improving Learning in Mathematics.pdf
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Responding to post-16 developments
GCSE, Functional Skills, Core Maths, A level, Adrian Smith report
Post 16 perspectives.pdf
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