NANAMIC Handbook
A handbook in 3 parts for committee members and potential committee members. Part 1 is general. Part 2 provides details of the present committee. Part 3 provides details of previous committees and activities.
Handbook NANAMIC 2021 Part 1 Main.pdf
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Handbook NANAMIC 2021-22 Part 2 Committe[...]
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Handbook NANAMIC 2021 Part 3 Details of [...]
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NANAMIC CIO Constitution
This is the constitution which was agreed at the 2013 AGM for the charity, NANAMIC CIO, which was incorporated by the Charity Commission on 1 October 2013 as charity number 1154042.
Nanamic CIO Constitution as incorporated[...]
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NANAMIC Constitution as amended 6 July 2022
Nanamic CIO Constitution as amended 6 Ju[...]
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Charity Commission Registration Certificate
Registration Certificate 5040604.pdf
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