These files give a wealth of information about how to use and lots of examples of Jigsaw files based on the improved Tarsia 3.8

For a free download of Tarsia 3.8 or 3.9 click here.


Please read making the most of Tarsia first.  The jigsaws mentioned can then be downloaded.  Apologies but this site doesn't support the Tarsia extension so we have had to zip the files. The final zip enables you to download all the files at once.


Making the most of Tarsia jigsaws

Layout for hexagons

Layout for 12 -24 dominoes


Level 1


5times ordered

Facts for free



GCSE level


Area closed

Working from the middle, the closed form is easier but once completed contains the same information as the harder version.  Good for differentiation.


A level

Prepare for Surds

Prepare for surds extended


Trigdomino as pdf


Sample files in one download


A level revision

Stats 1 revision

Algebra revision GCSE or start of A level

Loads more resources at Mathedup