Alison Parish


Workshop notes



GeoGebra has come a long way from its early beginnings as a dynamic geometry with algebra package and is constantly being developed.  It can be used at all learning levels from pre-school to university.


In the sessions I look at the use of GeoGebra not only from a user of the program, but also from the positions of a busy teacher and those who do not have the time, or inclination, to learn to use the program to develop their own files. In my presentation I will look at where 'ready-mades' can be found (no need to learn the program) and also how GeoGebra can act as a resource at all levels to support teaching by being interactive.  


A look at the different interfaces and how they interact with each other will be part of a chance to explore 'hands-on'. 


About Alison:

I have taught in Suffolk schools at all levels and currently am also doing some work for Realise Futures Adult and Community Learning, who were part of Suffolk County Council until divestment last Autumn. I have always used IT in my teaching of Mathematics and when offered the chance to do a PhD at Warwick University, decided that IT and school mathematics was an area I would explore. I was already using dynamic geometry before the advent of GeoGebra and it was the frustration of not having it in school that led me to seek a free version. I then became involved in an NCETM GeoGebra project and attended the first GeoGebra conference in Linz, Austria. 



We will not have access to a computer suite at the conference and delegates will get most benefit from this session if they have access to a  computer. If you propose to attend this workshop we would be very grateful if you could  

  • Email the administrator of your intention to attend and indicate which session
  • State whether or not you will be able to bring a laptop computer or netbook computer. 
  • Download Geogebra  from  prior to the conference.
  • Allow any delegates who do not have access to a laptop to work with you. 
  • Get in touch before the conference if you experience any difficulties with downloads and we will do our best to help.

The presenter ran a successful session  similar to this in February and almost three quarters of participants managed to bring computers of some sort.