Useful Websites and Resources for a range of levels

The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) is an extremely useful website for all mathematics and numeracy teachers. Register with NCETM and receive the regular Secondary Update, as well as details of courses and national issues.

A Catalogue of Mathematics Resources on the Internet by M. Maheswara (University of Wisconsin Marathon County)


Generate Fractals


Maths Education and Technology uses Applets. A Japanese site, in English.


If you want an already created Excel file which is user friendly then is the site for you. From GCSE to A Level.


The Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP) is a maths education initiative for ages 5 to 19 and the general public, based at the University of Cambridge and active nationally and internationally. It aims to support maths education particularly through enrichment activities.


The Nrich website is an incredible resource. Register and you will receive a free email update each month with activities for learners at all levels.


Technology for Secondary/College Mathematics (TSM) is the site of Douglas Butler of Oundle, creator of Autograph. A site with lots of links.


The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust organises the famous Maths Challenge competitions, among other things.


Waldo Maths produce lots of Applets which can be used to illustrate many aspects of mathematics for age 11-19.


Emaths is an interactive site, allowing teachers of mathematics to share ideas and resources


The National Numeracy Network (USA) is about promoting ‘quantative literacy’. It offers some resources for teachers.


Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (University of Plymouth) has good resources for all levels from primary to H.E.