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NANAMIC's 2014 Conference will be in York (with AGM) on 1 July and London 10 July. Choose your preferred venue.

Step up to the challenge of more 16-18 maths learners’

Keynote Speaker - Norma Honey, NCETM


London Thursday 10th July 2014, 10am - 4pm

> GCSE re-sits – a different approach with Sue Hough

> Engaging the post-16 disengaged learners with John Barton

> ESOL and Maths Learners with Jenny Stacey

> Resources on the National STEM Centre eLibrary with Steve Lyon
> Using IT in the Classroom with Colleen Young


Comment on York

This year’s conference did not disappoint. The keynote speaker was very informative about plans for GCSE Maths from 2020: although some of the plans give rise to serious concerns in delivering to post-16 learners, it is better to be forewarned in order to be prepared. I particularly enjoyed the workshop given by Jenny Stacey, which was a presentation of her MA in Education thesis on ESOL Mathematics

Norma and Jenny are both in London.


York Tuesday 1st July 2014, 10am - 4pm

> The Singapore Bar with Fiona Allan

> ESOL and Maths Learners with Jenny Stacey

> Resources on the National STEM Centre eLibrary with Steve Lyon

> Interactive Activities with Joe Murray

Check out our Conferences page for more details.

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As a special offer for the rest of 2014, individual membership fees will be reduced to £15 for those who apply as a result of attending BCME8 or the FE Mathematics Enhancement Programme, and your membership will last until July 2015.


Apply today.


NANAMIC transferred to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation from 1 April 2014


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New sessions: "Unsure about teaching algebra?" and "Refresh your GCSE Mathematics (Statistics) teaching"

Title: Unsure about teaching algebra?

This is a half day session for teachers who are less confident about teaching algebra, perhaps because they are teaching GCSE Mathematics for the first time, and who would like some suggestions on how best to teach it.


The session will focus on helping teachers and learners to understand, enjoy and take ownership of their algebra, rather than just rote learning enough to pass an examination.

To register your interest in future courses please email admin@nanamic.org.uk

Title: Refresh your GCSE Mathematics (Statistics) teaching.


Want to refresh your knowledge and skills or are you perhaps being asked to teach GCSE Mathematics for the first time?


Come along to this NANAMIC half-day session and experience a range of activities together to help motivate and engage your learners.
We will focus on developing the concepts and skills required for GCSE Mathematics - Statistics and Probability.


Details of dates and locations will be available soon. To register your interest in this course please email admin@nanamic.org.uk

Functional Mathematics - Help is at hand! More sessions available soon

Plan your CPD for this academic year

NANAMIC can offer Continuing Professional Development events tailored to the requirements of individual organisations. With a national network of experienced facilitators/trainers we can provide CPD to support those who teach Functional Mathematics, GCSE maths, A Level Maths and Adult Numeracy.

Further details can be found by following this link.


New committee members


The next NANAMIC AGM will be held on 1st July when we will elect the new committee for 2014/15.


We are looking for people interested in joining the committee. If you are interested in being a member of the committee and would like more information, please email the Administrator,  or use the contact form.